Try it just a little bit to believe it completely.

The Job description automatically connects to your Engaged Performance Reviews.

Rapidly assemble your valid Job Description from an expert-built base.

It will seem like magic. Include a Task in the job description — and it will appear in the Engaged Performance Review. All the core competencies, called Work Styles, for the occupation are automatically included, based on Department of Labor research. And assessing those core competencies is part of the engaged performance review.

Writing a job description creates a performance review.

A JuvodHR score based on the weighted average of your Tasks and Work Styles is presented at the conclusion of each completed performance review.

The scores are based on a scale of 1 to 7:
1 to 3.9 - Needs Improvement
4 to 6 - Meets Expectations
6.1 to 7 - Exceeds Expectations

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More than just tasks. The personal characteristics for your particular job.

Start with the top-ten tasks crowd-sourced from industry experts. Then you will receive the eight top Work Styles, those personal characteristics that affect how well someone performs a job. By defining the Work Styles in your Job Description, those personal characteristics are connected to the Performance Review you will do of the employee.

Create a Job Description

You’ll get back more than you put into it.

Your Job Description is much more than a single point of view.

JuvodHR connects over 270 relevant data points to your Job Description.

The O*NET content model1 is developed from over 10 years of research and hundreds of academic papers.


Increase your legal defensibility.

Performance Reviews are more legally defensible2 when linked to Job Descriptions. The JuvodHR Performance Review is derived directly from the Job Description.