Meet the JuvodHR Team

Joshua Sorenson, Senior Developer

Education: BSc Computer Science, Economics from Rochester Institute of Technology

Favorite Author: P.G. Wodehouse

Favorite Pastimes: Coding, archery, and scuba diving

Favorite place to hack in the bay: Workspace Cafe

Favorite vacation spot: Kaanapali Beach, Maui

Favorite Electric Gadget: Ramos Alarm Clock

How I kill time: Creating things

The way to my heart: A great fried chicken sandwich will do it.

Stuff I wish I knew but don't: I want to know everything!

What I almost did with my life: I was a coin flip away from pursuing a graduate program in economics.

What I hum: Dark World from Link To The Past

J. Michael Gonzalez, Senior Developer

Education: UC Berkeley, B.S. Computer Science

Also known as: mice, laughingdog

Favorite Author: Stephen King, Robert Jordan, Walter John Williams, The Bard

First video game I remember playing: Space Invaders!

Hobbies: Wing Tsun, Latosa Escrima, Salsa, Tango, Bolero

How I kill time: Reading, running, hitting things with my hands and sticks

Phobias: Heights; discovered this while climbing a pinnacle in New Mexico

Stuff I wish I knew but don't: How to restore a 65 Mustang, how to do West Coast Swing

Superhero power: Healing

The way to my heart: Through my ribs

What I almost did with my life: Became a Forest Ranger (or a Geologist..or a Mechanical Engineer...or an English Major)

Pam Waits, Human Resources Expert

Education: Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, University of Nebraska
M.S. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Iowa State University
B.S. in Psychology, Math minor, Minot State University, North Dakota

Also known as: Doc, Doc P, Pamela, Pammy, Pammers, The Pamster

Most powerful position: Head of Human Resources for United Airlines Mileage Plus, I didn’t develop a big ego even though people bowed as they left my office.

Best quality: I'm an incurable optimist. I can find a bright side to anything.

Character defect: I often say clichés wrong. I collect these fractured clichés and have over 160 and counting.

Hobbies: Taking pictures of nature, my dogs and parrot. Photoshopping to create unique images.

Hockey injuries: The closest I've come is when my parrot bit me. She's kind of Hawky.

Stuff I wish I knew but don't: I wish I knew how to dance the Dubstep.

Superhero power: I see things other people don't. Some might call it hallucinations but I view it as strategic thinking.

Something most people don't know about me: Once upon a time I was a Frog Princess and then I experienced True Love's Kiss.

Zigmas Maloni, App Admin & UXUI Designer

Education: DePaul University, B.A. in Interactive Media

Also known as: Any variation of Zig you can imagine, I've been called it at some point. This is not a bad thing.

Artists I admire: Adrian Frutiger (Type Designers are artists, right?)

Favorite video game: Worthog tagteam with my neighbor in all versions of Halo.

First video game I remember playing: Marble Madness (NES) and I've been gaming ever since.

Hidden Talent: Carpentry, Machining, Plumbing, and much more.

Hobbies: I'm an executive officer in the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association. It's pretty fun, and I wear many hats.

How I kill time: Doublescreen Netflix while chipping away at the dozen projects I'm involved in.

Pet Peeves: When people run into you while using their phone. When you're 6'3" maybe they would make an effort not to get knocked over?

What I hum: Every day I commute on my bike, I practice my whistling. One day I will be able to whistle. One day.

Stuff I wish I had but don't: Time! So much I want to read, write, and get done. But not enough hours in the day.

Aaron Arlof, App Admin / UXUI

Favorite Sports Team: What’s a football?

Worst Job: Inventory Counter

How I kill time: Procrastinating

What I’m working on, Not at JuvodHR: Krampus video game and making action figures

Favorite clothes: Orange argyle socks

Hobbies: More than I have time for

Favorite Supervillian Story: The plot to Unbreakable

TV character I'm most like: Rodney Ruxin (The League)

Kristin Mann, Data Analytics Human Resources Analyst

Education: DePaul University, M.A. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, working toward Ph.D. George Washington University, B.A. in Psychology

Favorite Place in Chicago: My apartment. There's food and the TV is always playing something I like.

Favorite song: Beck's "Deadweight"... though anything Beatles usually wins the day.

Favorite vacation spot: London, always, but as a sixth generation Dayton, Ohioan, home is where my heart is!

Hidden Talent: I am quite good at making terrible jokes. Did you hear the one about the horse and the bar?

Pet Peeves: Students who don't follow the specified margin requirements. Points WILL be taken off.

The way to my heart: Mashed potatoes. No mashed potatoes? That's a deal breaker.

Weirdest job I’ve ever had: I spent a year as a host on the Persian version of QVC. I still use my plugless iron.

Worst quality: My unapologetic love of Christmas music, any time of the year.

Susan Mravca, Co-Founder

Education: Benedictine University, MBA, Northern Illinois University, B.S. Marketing

How I kill time: Building excel spreadsheets

Something I do every day: Jog 3 miles

Weirdest job I’ve ever had: Cutting the grass in an ancient cemetery with a push lawn mower

Favorite Aunt Memory: Playing 'Business Barbie's' with my 3 nieces. I'd like to think I can take some credit for them growing up to be savvy young business women.

Favorite song: Highway to Hell

What you'll often hear me say: You're burning daylight!

Favorite Meal: Blue Label and Chocolate Ice Cream

People I Am in Awe of: Lewis, Clark and Sacagawea

Peter Spevacek, Co-Founder

Education: Northwestern University, Bachelor of Philosophy

Favorite Author: Thomas Pynchon

Favorite Pastime: Biking the lakefront

What I'm really good at: Solving puzzles

Hobbies: Cooking. I tape all the food channels.

How I kill time: Playing chess online

Artists I Admire: Alejandro Romero, Chicago

Plays I’ve seen 1000 times: Glen Gary Glen Ross, Hamlet, Much Ado about Nothing