Simple Employee Management Software

Performance Reviews and Corrective Action Notices that are affordable, easy to perform, and built to protect Small Business Owners.

What’s a valid Job Description really worth?

Research shows companies have higher revenues when employees know what is expected of them[1] and are reviewed on those expectations. Bottom line, conservatively figure a benefit of $1,200 a year[2] per employee in increased productivity and lower absenteeism.[3]

JuvodHR gives you over 14,000 titles to choose from and you can edit the results for your particular business needs.

Gives me tons of relevant information for rating my employees and has streamlined the entire process. The best part is, I’ve noticed my workers strive to meet their goals and our productivity has gone up!

- Keith C, BAC Landscape of York Region, ON

JuvodHR is a simple and effective tool to identify job requirements in a consistent format.

The performance reviews and corrective action notices are easy to perform and since they are job specific we will use them more frequently.

- Dr. Lowell Weil Jr.
Weil Foot and Ankle

I also like the way the software walks you through the process without having to think about what to do next.

- Mollie B
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Sync to QuickBooks

Save the time of entering your employee data and Sync to QuickBooks. A simple sync from QuickBooks will eliminate typing and let you get started creating job descriptions without delay.

Sync with both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

15 minutes gives you a meaningful Performance Review.

Managers who focus on employee strengths experience the highest levels of engagement. Managers who don’t provide any feedback have the least engaged employees. Being overlooked is more harmful to employees' engagement than receiving negative feedback.[4]

Employees want feedback from their managers, and the company benefits from providing it. JuvodHR generates a performance review derived directly from your Job Description and we include employee feedback language based on your ratings. It will seem like magic!

The Magic Starts Here

The job description creator was very close to what I needed but I realized the real benefit when I did the performance review. The whole process took me 10 minutes and it was well worth it. I will use these reviews on a regular basis.

- Dave J
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Corrective Action Notices are legally grounded to protect your company.

If an employee does not meet expectations, turn to JuvodHR for help when you need to be critical of the work performed. A JuvodHR Corrective Action Notice is generated directly from the employee’s Job Description and uses professional language to explicitly address the issue.

Put your money where your best employee is.

It doesn't matter how much money your varied types of employees make — you’ll know how well each employee performs his or her job. With the JuvodHR Score, you’ll have a valid performance assessment across all your employees. You can compare apples to apples. And then you’ll be able to compare those apples to your oranges knowing research shows the results are relevant.

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$3.75 USD

per employee per month

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1. Defined with Work Styles of employee engagement.

2. Based on a study of newly-hired employees.

3. From a Meta Analysis of employee engagement.

4. Based on a GALLUP article.