The Job Description is bound directly to the Performance Review.

The JuvodHR Score is relevant to the specialized tasks employees must perform because it is linked directly to the tasks you can edit to fit your specific business.

Rate managers and the workers they manage.

The JuvodHR Score is valid for each of your job types. An employee JuvodHR Score of 6.3 for a cashier may be compared to other cashiers - or to the JuvodHR Score of a higher-paid employee, like a manager. The cashier with an employee JuvodHR Score of 6.3 is performing their job better – on a relative basis — than the higher-paid manager with a score of 3.4. Based on a data model developed over 10 years. With the confidence the JuvodHR Score gives you, you can go about the serious business of deciding which employees receive raises. You can feel confident in giving the rightful raises to the best employees.


Consistent across your business for every type of job.

The JuvodHR Score creates a stack-rank of employees within one job type. And you can directly compare those results to a different occupation. If you have several employees who work within a single job title like ‘sales associate’, the person with the highest score will be your best performer. In addition the JuvodHR Score for your ‘sales associates’ is directly comparable to any of your other jobs. You can compare the relative performance of very different types of workers. Comparing a waitress to a bookkeeper produces valid results. Compare the manager to the supervised employee or to another manager.


Relevant to your particular business. Relevant to your employees.

If you need to compare professionals like accountants or lawyers to each other, the JuvodHR Score is very effective. What makes it unique is the valid way it compares the relative performance of a high paid professional service provider to a lower paid worker, like an administrative support person. Medical practices can use the JuvodHR Score with highly technical work. Because the Performance Review is derived from the Job Description, the JuvodHR Score is relevant to the specialized tasks employees in a medical practice must perform. You can edit the tasks to include the specific equipment used within your particular business.