Employee Performance

So simple to use, it will get used.

The software walks employees through creating a job description and doing an engaged performance review. The data-stitching all occurs in the background. So every employee's engaged performance review is tied to their job description. And every employee's performance is comparable across the company. Managers can see at a glance how employees stack-rank with the JuvodHR score — while employees receive "feedback language" created by the software. Built so front-line managers can dig right in without flinching. No long setup or specialized training is needed.

Anyone creating a job description, reviewing an employee, or making a decision about pay raises does not need to get bogged down becoming an software "expert." Unifying employee performance data is what JuvodHR does. Management makes data-driven actionable assessments which lead to better employee performance.

Customized Job Descriptions convert automatically into meaningful Performance Reviews. And all connect to provide protection against false unemployment claims and employee lawsuits with legally-grounded documentation from our Corrective Action Notices.

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Put your money where your best employee is.

It doesn't matter how much money your varied types of employees make — you’ll know how well each employee performs his or her job. With the JuvodHR Score, you’ll have a valid performance assessment across all your employees. You can compare apples to apples. And then you’ll be able to compare those apples to your oranges knowing research shows the results are relevant.

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