The same toys the big kids use are now yours.

Employee Evaluations and Corrective Action

Notices that are affordable, easy to perform, and as valid as any enterprise system.

Designed for businesses with fewer than 100 employees.

Q: What does a medical office have in common with a law firm, a restaurant and a machine shop?

A: JuvodHR! All benefit from customized Job Descriptions that convert into meaningful Performance Reviews. And all want protection against false unemployment claims with legally-grounded documentation from our Corrective Action Notices.

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Relevant to your business. Consistent across all employees.

With over 13,000 job titles at your fingertips, you’ll quickly find the match you are looking for. JuvodHR is built on a framework of the most comprehensive and valuable occupational data developed under sponsorship by The U.S. Department of Labor and hand-curated by JuvodHR experts.

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Put your money where your best employee is.

It doesn't matter how much money your varied types of employees make — you’ll know how well each employee performs his or her job. With the JuvodHR Score, you’ll have a valid performance assessment across all your employees. You can compare apples to apples. And then you’ll be able to compare those apples to your oranges knowing research shows the results are relevant.

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