Effective communication doesn’t just happen.

Pre-built expert evaluation phrases lead employees to positive results.

Corrective Action Notices are legally grounded to protect your company.

If an employee does not meet expectations, turn to JuvodHR for help when you need to be critical of the work performed. A JuvodHR Corrective Action Notice is generated directly from the employee’s Job Description and uses professional language to explicitly address the issue.

In the event the problem cannot be resolved, published research shows a Performance Review bound to a valid Job Description is more legally defensible, protecting your business from false claims. Should firing be deemed necessary, you can be confident you have solid documentation in place. Get started now for the answers you need.


Improve employee perception of your business and increase productivity.

Managers who focus on employee strengths experience the highest levels of engagement. Managers who don’t provide any feedback have the least engaged employees. Being overlooked is more harmful to employees' engagement than receiving negative feedback.1

This tells us employees want to know how they’re doing. They want feedback from their managers, and the company benefits from providing it.

Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with your employees. Research shows this action will lead them to think of you, and your business, in a better light than your competitors. A Performance Review generated with expert language by JuvodHR can directly improve productivity, retention, and commitment.


Be Relevant. End Vagueness.

That’s what a JuvodHR Performance Review does. It empowers you to customize and appraise individual tasks.

To guide you, JuvodHR generates a list of the most important Work Styles gleaned from the Department of Labor database for each of your customized Job Descriptions. Those Work Styles define the personal characteristics that specifically measure how an employee performs his or her job. After you rate an employee’s Work Styles, JuvodHR automatically prepares the relevant, expert language aimed for the best outcome with each member of your staff.


Consistent across your business for all employees at all salary levels.

JuvodHR seamlessly bonds your varied Job Descriptions and Performance Reviews into one streamlined process using an ingenious methodology. It works for all types of jobs, allowing you to compare the performance of individuals in diverse jobs, at the top and bottom of your company pay scale. By using the valuable tools within JuvodHR, your administrative assistant receives language as valid to the job as your admin manager receives.