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Graph Employee Performance with JuvodHR data

A sample of what your team can be do with the data.

Progress or not? A simple graph can summarize a thousand words. Build your own charts and reports in Excel or Google Sheets from the historical data of employee performance stored within your JuvodHR account.

To download your data go to the Reports tab. All of your employees’ JuvodHR scores with the dates of the reviews ...

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Rating Errors & How to Avoid Them

No time to chat. I need to spread some motivation somewhere else.

Performance reviews must be valid in order for companies to achieve the maximum benefits such as increased productivity and reduced turnover. Validity comes from tying the review to the job and rating the employee honestly on their performance.

Rating errors reduce validity. This guide outlines common rating errors, including steps you can take to prevent ...

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"How To" Guide for Rating Employees

If you exclude job performance, you're doing quite well.

When companies conduct performance reviews, their employees are more committed, have higher productivity and are more likely to stay. Such companies also have higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Yet in spite of all these benefits, many people struggle with evaluating employees. A common concern is deciding what rating to give.

Most performance review systems require ...

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8.5 Reasons I Love Doing Performance Reviews

Love Performance Reviews

I know what you’re thinking – “sure, forget everything I know – I’ve heard that before”. You know how I know? Because I thought it, too. I’ve got 20 years of experience in Human Resources and I’m a psychologist (we can read minds, you know).

Performance reviews are rated as one of the ...

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What is a Performance Review Like in Your Workplace?

What are you doing when you conduct performance reviews? If that is the time you choose to tell an employee all about what they have done and what you think about it – you’ve probably already done it wrong. First, by the time performance reviews roll around, your employees know exactly how they are doing ...

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Spiderman, Batman, Superman and Wolverine Walk Into a Performance Review

Superhero performance reviews

The past few weeks, we’ve had fun reviewing the performance of Batman, Spiderman, Superman and Wolverine. Now it’s time to see how they stack up against each other.

Being able to fairly compare the relative value of employees across different Job Titles allows management to get a clear picture of where to spend ...

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Five Steps To a Legally Defensible Performance Review System

Feedback for Legally Defensible Performance Reviews

A well-designed performance review process contributes to an organization’s success by improving customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability[1]. Performance reviews can also protect from frivolous lawsuits and provide a defense against allegations of unfair treatment.[2]

If not done improperly, they can become weapons against the company.Courts view employee reviews as a link ...

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Holy Cow Batman! It's Time for Your Performance Review!

Rate Batman's performance on tasks

JuvodHR takes the business of performance reviews and job descriptions seriously, but we also know how to have fun. Batman, Superman and Spiderman are all getting reviews in the next three weeks. It’s time to stack rank their performance for mid-year results.

JuvodHR performance reviews start with a valid job description, which is comprised ...

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4 Tips for Writing Employee Evaluation Phrases

4 Tips for Writing Employee Evaluation Phrases

It’s easy to spot a poorly written performance review. Take a look at the following comments from real employee reviews.

Comments from Actual Employee Reviews

  • His men would follow him anywhere…but only out of morbid curiosity.
  • This young lady has delusions of adequacy.
  • He sets low personal standards and then consistently fails to ...

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Technology Turnover – Performance Reviews Keep your Employees Happy

Technology Turnover – Performance Reviews Keep your Employees Happy

Our friends at TSheets, leaders in time tracking applications, feature Brent Sanders, founder of Sanders New Media and how Performance Reviews can reduce turnover at technology companies.

Check out the article at TSheets.com.

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