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New Feature - Edit Work Styles in your Job Descriptions

The core competencies called Work Styles in your JuvodHR Job Descriptions can now be edited.

The Work Style DEPENDABILITY is the most frequent reason employees get written up with a Corrective Action Notice. Now you can add the language from your employee handbook or attendance policy directly into your job description.

Adding an abbreviated version ...

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JuvodHR announces Managers and Employee Groups

Some graphics related to our most recent innovation, Managers and Employee Groups.

The one thing better than doing an effective performance review of your employees is having your manager do the reviews. Then you just review the manager. You will see all the employees and your managers stack-ranked across your business is realistic expectation.

JuvodHR introduces Managers and Employee Groups. Create meaningful performance reviews and a valid ...

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JuvodHR’s Rating Scale Science

JuvodHR’s Rating Scale Science

We convert your slider ratings into three straight-forward categories:

1 to 3.9 - Needs Improvement

4 to 6 - Meets Expectations

6.1 to 7 - Exceeds Expectations

No numbers on the slider is intentional.  It will help you think clearer about judging each task independently. Think about the employee’s performance over the entire review ...

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