Machine Shop Improves Company Performance With Employee Performance Reviews

Machine Shop Improves Company Performance With Employee Performance Reviews

Implementing an effective performance review system can positively impact your company’s performance[1].

Doug McGill, owner of McGill Machine Works in Schaumburg, Illinois, can speak to this first hand ( He built a state of the art manufacturing facility from an operation that started in his garage.

Doug’s company provides precision-engineered components ...

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Medical Practice Uses JuvodHR For Performance Reviews and Job Descriptions

Medical Practice Uses JuvodHR For Performance Reviews and Job Descriptions

Dr. Lowell Weil Jr. is President of the leading Chicago-based Weil Foot and Ankle Institute. His dedication to utilizing the latest research and most advanced technology is one of the reasons he was interested in using JuvodHR.

“With a growing organization, we needed a fresh approach to the way we did performance reviews, something that ...

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Why Are Performance Reviews So Valuable?

So you’re looking for a way to improve your employees’ productivity and boost your retention rates. Have you tried initiating a formal review process? Research shows an effective performance review system can have a positive effect on employee satisfaction and commitment, which means higher productivity for your business.

One study found that retail sales ...

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Union League Club: JuvodHR a Power Player in Chicago Startups

Union League Club: JuvodHR a Power Player in Chicago Startups

The Union League Club Presentation of March 7, 2014 showcased JuvodHR as an example of a successful Chicago startup.

Jeff Carter is a Partner of West Loop Ventures, Co-Founder of Hyde Park Angels, to name just a few things he's been involved in.

Chicago Tribune Blue Sky Innovation features JuvodHR

Chicago Tribune Blue Sky Innovation features JuvodHR

The Chicago Tribune's innovation blog recently featured JuvodHR. Ronny Tey, group marketing manager for the Intuit Partner Platform and Intuit App Center, was quoted: “It’s important for small businesses to see who are their top performers and put together a plan to retain them,” Tey said.

From the Chicago Tribune's Blue Sky ...

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5 Ways Conducting Frequent Performance Reviews Will Improve Your Business

By Pam Waits & Kristin Mann

1. Highlight and commend good performance…

Tell an employee what it is specifically they’ve done well, and they’re more likely to do it again. A regular review system can be used to reinforce good performance. The more specific the feedback, the better the results—with more frequent ...

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3 Reasons You Should Conduct a Performance Review Within 30 Days of Hiring a New Employee

Hiring new employees is tricky. It takes a lot of time and effort to find the right person and once they’re on board, they need to be brought up to speed as quickly as possible. When you find a great hire, you want to hang onto them; and when someone doesn’t work out ...

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The Science behind JuvodHR Job Descriptions and Performance Reviews.

Finding the right employees is difficult—and keeping them motivated can be even harder. We’ve heard this same complaint time and time again from small business owners struggling to maintain a workforce of motivated employees.

JuvodHR uses the science behind human resources to help you manage your employees and keep them working productively. We ...

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