8 tips for Communicating Effectively with Your Employees

Diana Mackie, FundingGates

In an office where everyone is able to effectively communicate, things runs a lot smoother. Your employees will be more productive if they understand what you want and expect the first time around, and you’ll be able to avoid those somewhat awkward conversations where you must critique or correct their work ...

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JuvodHR announces Managers and Employee Groups

Some graphics related to our most recent innovation, Managers and Employee Groups.

The one thing better than doing an effective performance review of your employees is having your manager do the reviews. Then you just review the manager. You will see all the employees and your managers stack-ranked across your business is realistic expectation.

JuvodHR introduces Managers and Employee Groups. Create meaningful performance reviews and a valid ...

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Give Your Expense Reports a Check-Up

If you want to make a nurse laugh on the job, ask him if he has a second. While not all careers in the medical industry require long hours, constant stress, and life-or-death scenarios, chances are you’d be hard-pressed to find someone with time to waste. It’s no wonder, then, that expense reports ...

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Make Your Mark Podcast Feature

Make Your Mark. Finding Solutions, Empowering Small Buisness and Enjoying the Ride.

Make Your Mark Podcast #033: Passion, Longevity, Finding Solutions and the Eternal Entrepreneruial Journey w/ Susan Mravca.

Courtesy of Steve Gumm


The Company Culture "Trump Card"

Why Talent and Qualifications aren’t enough when hiring employees

If you’ve ever met someone from TSheets, at a conference, event or even on a plane, you might notice something unique. We have a strong culture. Very strong culture some might say. It’s not in the way we talk per se, we’re ...

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Rating Errors & How to Avoid Them

No time to chat. I need to spread some motivation somewhere else.

Performance reviews must be valid in order for companies to achieve the maximum benefits such as increased productivity and reduced turnover. Validity comes from tying the review to the job and rating the employee honestly on their performance.

Rating errors reduce validity. This guide outlines common rating errors, including steps you can take to prevent ...

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Easy Ways To Brighten The Office Mood

If you exclude job performance, you're doing quite well.

If your employees feel happy and cheery at work, they’ll not only enjoy their work day more, they’ll also be more productive and creative! Having happy employees is a win-win for everyone. But what is the secret to happiness? Well, while the world’s best philosophers continue working on that answer, here are ...

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"How To" Guide for Rating Employees

If you exclude job performance, you're doing quite well.

When companies conduct performance reviews, their employees are more committed, have higher productivity and are more likely to stay. Such companies also have higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Yet in spite of all these benefits, many people struggle with evaluating employees. A common concern is deciding what rating to give.

Most performance review systems require ...

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Why Scheduling Software Increases Employee Productivity

Jobber scheduling

The more productive your employees are the more money your business will make. As obvious as this statement is, many business owners overlook essential tools and resources that could help achieve this.  A great starting point and one of the most valuable tools your company can invest in is scheduling software.

So how can scheduling ...

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8.5 Reasons I Love Doing Performance Reviews

Love Performance Reviews

I know what you’re thinking – “sure, forget everything I know – I’ve heard that before”. You know how I know? Because I thought it, too. I’ve got 20 years of experience in Human Resources and I’m a psychologist (we can read minds, you know).

Performance reviews are rated as one of the ...

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