New Feature - Edit Work Styles in your Job Descriptions

The core competencies called Work Styles in your JuvodHR Job Descriptions can now be edited.

The Work Style DEPENDABILITY is the most frequent reason employees get written up with a Corrective Action Notice. Now you can add the language from your employee handbook or attendance policy directly into your job description.

Adding an abbreviated version of a company policy to some of the work styles or in one of the task boxes within a job description generates an additional level of justification if (or when) documentation is needed to fight a false unemployment claim or lawsuit.

The Work Styles are crowd sourced by tens of thousands of HR Professionals, Industry Experts and Academics and then stack ranked in order of importance to provide validity and consistency to each occupation.

Just click on JOBS in the top navigation bar to edit your existing job descriptions. Don’t forget to have your employees sign the job descriptions if you make any changes to them.

Your edits will automatically be displayed the next time you start a review.

Continue using your JuvodHR reviews to provide continuous feedback to your employees. The more feedback you give your employees, the better the results.

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