Graph Employee Performance with JuvodHR data

A sample of what your team can be do with the data.

Progress or not? A simple graph can summarize a thousand words. Build your own charts and reports in Excel or Google Sheets from the historical data of employee performance stored within your JuvodHR account.

To download your data go to the Reports tab. All of your employees’ JuvodHR scores with the dates of the reviews, and the names of the reviewers are there. In a simple to use format.

Download Reports from the Reports tab

‘Sheet 1’ of the downloaded spreadsheet contains most recent scores. ‘Sheet 2’ has all of your employees historical JuvodHR scores with the dates of the the reviews. The report shown is a sample of what can be done with the data, it is up to your team to generate charts for your specific business needs.

You already have the data, use it to your advantage.

Susan Mravca CEO

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