3 Ways Inaccurate Job Descriptions Are Like Zombies

In Case of the Walking Dead...

Job descriptions outline the road map to success, touching every aspect of the employee experience from hiring, to compensation, to directing and managing performance. Too many times they’re placed on a shelf and left to rot… just like Zombies.

Zombies are apocalyptic creatures destined to destroy the earth. Inaccurate job descriptions can have a similar effect on an organization (but without the bad hygiene).

Zombies and Bad Job Descriptions Produce Similar Results

ZombiesBad Job Descriptions
Zombies are single minded – focused on eating brains - regardless of whether it’s necessary or if other activities would be more productive.Without a valid job description, employees don’t know where to direct their efforts. When left to their own devices, they often focus on the wrong things. Accurate job descriptions provide focus and move the company in the right direction.
Zombies suck the life out of living beings. Their bite is infectious, turning “survivors” into Zombies.Companies that don’t communicate performance expectations experience higher absenteeism, lower employee engagement and smaller revenues. It’s like a disease. When employees know what they’re supposed to do, they’re more engaged, which produces positive results.
Zombies create great risk to those around them. Remember, they eat human brains (including lawyers’).Without a valid job description, companies have no defense against legal or false unemployment claims. The best defense is a valid job description.

In spite of the benefits, many people don’t have job descriptions. Why? They don’t know how to write them.

It’s tough for small business owners to take their focus away from running the business to figure out how to write a valid job description. This is precisely the reason JuvodHR developed an automated self-service Job Description Creator with more than 14,000 searchable job titles – including ”Zombie”. Within minutes, you can easily construct valid job descriptions. The expertise is in the software - it has brains, more brains!!!!

With the Job Description Creator, the time expended on maintaining up-to date job descriptions is minimal, especially when you consider their value in improving your company’s performance and success.

What can you do to avoid Armageddon in your organization?

  1. Create and maintain valid job descriptions. Get in the habit of updating job descriptions at review time and any time the job changes.
  2. Give employees a copy of their job description. Include it in your performance review discussion and any time the job changes.
  3. Review performance based on the job description – another reason to keep it up to date.

Don’t let your organization get infected with Zombies or inaccurate job descriptions. Even if you employ Zombies, make sure their job description is up to date.

Brains, more brains!!!!

Job descriptions should be living documents – not undead

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