8.5 Reasons I Love Doing Performance Reviews

Love Performance Reviews

I know what you’re thinking – “sure, forget everything I know – I’ve heard that before”. You know how I know? Because I thought it, too. I’ve got 20 years of experience in Human Resources and I’m a psychologist (we can read minds, you know).

Performance reviews are rated as one of the most disliked but necessary responsibilities in running a business. I didn’t like doing them, coordinating them or pushing managers to complete them. At performance review time, I was the evil HR lady.

The process was always complicated and time consuming – no matter how hard I tried to change it.

Managers would hesitate to rate employees honestly and when they did, their ratings and comments would rarely match. Managers didn’t know what to say or how to say it.

So why would a company like JuvodHR tackle performance reviews - something everyone hates? Because they knew they could fix it – and they did. Here’s how.

The top 8.5 things I love about JuvodHR

  1. The process is logical. Performance reviews are based on job descriptions. It’s easier to rate people honestly when ratings are based on specific characteristics of the job.
  2. Job descriptions are easy to create. The JuvodHR jobs database contains more than 1,200 customized job descriptions based on over 10 years of research derived from O*NET, the nation’s primary source of occupation information sponsored by the Department of Labor. A job summary and task list is provided that can be easily customized, followed by a list of work styles – characteristics necessary for success.
  3. The process is transparent to everyone. Managers know what they’ll be rating employees on. Employees know what’s expected of them on the job and in the performance review.
  4. The process can be completed in 10 minutes, yet it produces comprehensive, valid results. JuvodHR automatically pulls the information necessary to complete the review from the job description. The manager simply has to provide numerical ratings by moving a slider or a ball in a grid. Comments are optional.
  5. You get more out of the system than the effort you put in. Suggested employee feedback language is offered that matches the numerical ratings given. Managers are guided to make their comments specific. A report comparing employees with the same job title or  across the organization is included magically.
  6. Numerical ratings are not provided to employees – the focus is strictly on meaningful words. However, numerical ratings are provided to management for compensation or other personnel decisions, including stack ranking employees.
  7. The process is legally defensible. JuvodHR is based on research and designed by HR experts. The performance reviews have inherent content validity because they are connected directly to the job description.
  8. The process contains enough data points to satisfy everyone. The system uses a sliding scale of 1 – 7 to the tenth of a decimal point. It’s kind of fun to do a review.

and 8.5: JuvodHR is mobile ready. Reviews can be conducted on your phone or tablet.

The system is elegantly designed to be simple, low cost and yet as valid as any enterprise system. It was built for companies with fewer than 100 employees. It’s almost like having an HR expert in a box. Corrective action notices are included and are also tied to the job description. All smart business owners know that documentation matters when it comes to protecting your company from false unemployment claims or lawsuits.

JuvodHR transforms the process of creating performance reviews and corrective action notices into a pleasant task. I know what anyone who tries it will be thinking. Remember, I can read minds.

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