Holy Stress Reducer, Batman! Thanks for the New Job Title!

Batman is more than just a pretty face. He knows that well-written job descriptions can have a significant, positive impact on business. They can increase profits, customer loyalty and employee satisfaction. Additionally, they can reduce turnover. That’s why Batman keeps his sidekick Robin’s job description up to date.

Recently, Batman learned that job titles are important as well.[1] Job titles affect the way employees feel about their work. They not only convey job function, they’re symbolic of an employee’s identity.

Many companies allow employees to create their own job titles. This can have a major impact on high stress occupations, such as human services, health care, and superheroes.

One such organization, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, invited employees to create job titles that reflected their contribution to creating magical experiences for children. For example, the CEO became the Fairy Godmother of Wishes and the CFO changed to the Minister of Dollars and Sense.

Researchers found that the changes in job titles helped employees cope with emotional exhaustion. Employees felt more at ease being themselves when they were able to express their identity and personality through their job title. Similar findings were found with healthcare workers.

Emotional exhaustion is associated with more illnesses, higher intent to quit, and lowered performance, therefore self-reflective titles can offer important benefits to employers.[2]

Batman is certainly all over this. He found that Robin hated Sidekick as his job title. He said it made him think of a sidecar on a motorcycle – it was just along for the ride. It lacked both strength and drive – as reflected in The Sidekick logo. Additionally, Robin didn’t want to be known as #2. He wanted to support Batman, but he also wanted to contribute in his own right.

After conferring with Batman, Robin came up with a new title: ATLAS – Ally To Leaders And Superheroes. He likes the strength it portrays, akin to the Greek God Atlas who carries the world on his back. He hopes his peers will agree and adopt the new job title, too.

Robin told us: “I feel proud to be an ATLAS. This new title reflects who I am.”

It’s important to keep your job descriptions and job titles up to date. Fortunately, it was simple for Batman to change Robin’s title because he uses JuvodHR. He made the changes in minutes with only a few keystrokes.

JuvodHR makes it easy to create and maintain customized job descriptions. Changes are made effortlessly so all information can be kept current.

If you think your employees might appreciate a personalized job title, go for it. It’s a no-cost change that might yield big results.

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