Feedback Increases Employee Engagement

Engaged employees produce better organizational results. That’s a fact.

Research by Gallop shows that engaged employees are more productive and their companies are more profitable. When employees are disengaged, customers suffer and are more likely to leave.

Managers play a critical role in driving engagement and feedback is key. Positive feedback produces the highest levels of engagement. Although negative feedback results in lower engagement, it’s better than no feedback at all.

Employees who are ignored are the most likely to be disengaged – even more so than those who only receive negative feedback.

As shown in the chart below, people prefer any feedback, even if it’s negative, over no feedback at all.

It’s clear that people who are overlooked feel like they don’t matter. The best employees want to know how they’re doing and when they know, they’re more engaged.

Engaging employees is critical to success. So how can you engage your workforce?

  • Communicate expectations – give employees a copy of their job description.
  • Provide ongoing feedback – address issues as they arise.
  • Provide relevant, job related feedback - link feedback and performance reviews to the job description.
  • Conduct regular performance reviews.

JuvodHR understands that most people find it difficult to offer direct, honest feedback so they designed a system that does most of the work yet produces valid results. JuvodHR performance reviews are tied directly to the job description. Ratings are made using a simple slider or moving a ball on a grid. Based on the ratings provided, the system suggests comments pertaining to the characteristic being rated. A professional looking performance review report is then automatically generated.

For situations requiring attention between performance reviews, JuvodHR offers a corrective action notice that’s also tied to the job description.

Make sure your employees know that they matter and how their work contributes to your business. Provide regular feedback, including performance reviews, to keep your employees and your business on track.

No organization can survive without people and they have the power to make or break your business. Engage your employees by providing regular feedback, including performance reviews, to ensure they make your business successful.

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