Spiderman, Batman, Superman and Wolverine Walk Into a Performance Review

Superhero performance reviews

The past few weeks, we’ve had fun reviewing the performance of Batman, Spiderman, Superman and Wolverine. Now it’s time to see how they stack up against each other.

Being able to fairly compare the relative value of employees across different Job Titles allows management to get a clear picture of where to spend their time and money.

Using JuvodHR’s employee management system to deliver performance reviews allowed the Universal Commissioner of Superheroes to stack rank their different job titles fairly because they were all rated on criteria derived from their job descriptions. The reviews will be used to guide improvement in weaknesses and the stack rankings will be used to divvy up bonuses. A special thanks to TSheets Time Tracking for reviewing Superman, FundingGates for reviewing Batman and QuickBooks Canada for reviewing Wolverine.

Our Superheroes were rated on a scale of 1 - 7 with “Meets Expectations” ranging from 4 - 6.

All of our superheroes met expectations, but Superman came out on top. Superman received the highest rating of 5.7, followed by Batman at 5.1, Spiderman at 5.0 and Wolverine at 4.8.

These ratings should be no surprise. All the superheroes are doing a good job but when you look at performance on specific tasks, there are slight differences.

Superman should have fared the best because he doesn’t have any character flaws – he’s Paul Pureheart. He’s also an extraterrestrial. His actual identity is Superman with Clark Kent as his alter ego. For Batman and Spiderman, it’s the reverse – the superhero is the alter ego. Wolverine was forced into superhero life when he was turned into a mutant.

Batman, who came out in the middle, is the opposite of Superman. Not only does he lack super powers, his personality is ruthless, very dark. He’s effective because he’s driven to accomplish his goals.

Although Spiderman has super powers, he doesn’t use them very well. Many of his successes are based on luck rather than skill. He also lacks confidence and is conflicted between darkness and light.

Wolverine is driven by anger. His results are effective but the way he goes about accomplishing his goals can be intimidating to others.

Each performance review was easy to complete because it was based on the superhero’s individual job description – performance on tasks and Work Styles (characteristics important for success).

But that’s not the only thing that’s easy with JuvodHR. With a click of one button, a summary report can be automatically generated for the company.

Superhero performance reviews

The system allows the user to sort the data by name, job title, review status or JuvodHR score.

Summary data is also presented. The graphic in the upper left corner shows average scores for current employees, and the upper right shows average scores for all employees – both active and inactive.

In the top center, the current employee distribution is displayed.

With one glance you can see how your current workforce is performing, and how they compare to everyone who’s worked in the company. Keeping reports will allow you to track your company’s performance over time.

Three of our superheroes are performing slightly better than the company’s lifetime average but they’re all meeting expectations.

To Batman, Spiderman, Superman and Wolverine - thanks for keeping us safe and keep up the good work.

KAPLOW! SLOOSH! CRASH! ZOK! WHAMM! These superheroes are looking sharp. My spidey sense tells me I’ll see them in six months!

Truth, justice and performance reviews!

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