JuvodHR’s Rating Scale Science

JuvodHR’s Rating Scale Science

We convert your slider ratings into three straight-forward categories:

1 to 3.9 - Needs Improvement

4 to 6 - Meets Expectations

6.1 to 7 - Exceeds Expectations

No numbers on the slider is intentional.  It will help you think clearer about judging each task independently. Think about the employee’s performance over the entire review period, not just last week.

Research supports the 7-point scale

JuvodHR uses a 7-point scale because research shows it’s highly reliable with meaningful point intervals[1]. A 7-point scale allows specificity in ratings without providing so many options that it’s confusing[2].

[1] Hinkin, T. R. (1995). A review of scale development in the study of organizations. Journal of Management, 21, 967-988.

[2] Finstad, K. (2010). Response interpolation and scale sensitivity: Evidence against 5-point scales. Journal of Usability Studies, 5, 104-110.

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