Machine Shop Improves Company Performance With Employee Performance Reviews

Machine Shop Improves Company Performance With Employee Performance Reviews

Implementing an effective performance review system can positively impact your company’s performance[1].

Doug McGill, owner of McGill Machine Works in Schaumburg, Illinois, can speak to this first hand ( He built a state of the art manufacturing facility from an operation that started in his garage.

Doug’s company provides precision-engineered components for production manufacturing, food processing, medical equipment and other industries. Because customers can check the status of their project in real time, Doug’s employees must be accurate, precise and dependable.

As in any small business, one weak link impacts the entire operation so Doug actively manages his workforce including performance reviews, corrective action and recognition.

Doug routinely communicates job expectations and what it takes to succeed. Employees all have job descriptions and receive regular performance reviews that Doug obtained through JuvodHR.

JuvodHR is a cloud-based system that contains thousands of searchable job descriptions, which managers can link to performance reviews. The system is customizable, allowing managers to edit or delete specific tasks. The end result is a ready-to-go job description with tasks and work styles, qualities an employee needs in order to be successful. This is accomplished within minutes and only a few keystrokes.

When he first used the system, Doug was sold: “I’ve never seen anything like this before. The tasks are more in-depth than anything I’ve used. I like it a lot.” Very little customization was needed although Doug added attendance to his job descriptions in order to rate employees directly on this characteristic during the performance review.

Doug conducts formal reviews twice a year; that way reviews are focused on performance and not just money.

Doug said he never thought about how important it was to tie the job description to the performance review until he saw it in action. “It’s huge because it makes the performance review so much more meaningful.”

Managers rate employees on tasks and work styles using a slider system. You not only evaluate employees on what they do, but also how they do it. The system automatically generates employee feedback language based on the ratings given. Managers can remove any comments before the feedback gets converted into a printed report for the employee to keep. It couldn’t be easier.

Doug knows that performance reviews have helped his business grow. In fact, research shows that employees perform better when they receive frequent performance reviews[2] and they stay longer[3] - improving a company’s success.

In addition to job descriptions and performance reviews, Doug also uses JuvodHR to track discipline, the most common being attendance. Using JuvodHR to document corrective actions is very helpful and the history attached to the employee record is useful when writing performance reviews.

“Because our customers can track their orders in real time, it’s important to address problems right away and recognize great performance. This is a daily part of my routine and JuvodHR makes the process easier and faster giving me more time to focus on the business.”

Bottom line – managing performance helps companies succeed. Employees want to know what it takes to be successful and managers want employees to perform well. JuvodHR provides the tools you need.

[1] Colquitt, J.A., Scott, B.A., & LePine, J.A. (2007). Trust, trustworthiness, and trust propensity: A meta-analytic test of their unique relationships with risk taking and job performance. Journal of Applied Psychology, 92(4), 909-927.

[2] Pettijohn, C., Pettijohn, L. S., Taylor, A. J., & Keillor, B. D. (2001). Are performance appraisals a bureaucratic exercise or can they be used to enhance sales-force satisfaction and commitment? Psychology & Marketing, 18, 337-364.

[3] Harter, J. K., Schmidt, F. L., & Hayes, T. L. (2002). Business-unit-level relationship between employee satisfaction, employee engagement, and business outcomes: A meta-analysis. Journal of Applied Psychology, 87, 268-279.

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