Super Simple Pricing

Only pay for your active employees

per employee
per month

minimum monthly fee of $11.25, which
includes the first 3 employees.

Need Managers?

Add $4 per manager
per month

  • Promote an Employee into a manager role, giving them their own login.
  • Review employees within the Manager's assigned group.
  • Confidential reports for the Manager's assigned group.
  • Share job descriptions with all Managers.

How does the pricing work?

The subscription fee of $3.75 per employee per month is charged for included employees. Excluded employees are not billed. A minimum of $11.25 USD per month is required to maintain a paid subscription. The $11.25 per month includes up to three employees.

An additional fee of $4 per month is charged for active managers, for a total of $7.75. Since managers are promoted from employees already within the system, managers are displayed and are treated as 'employees' by Company Admins and the Account Owner.

As you add employees or managers you will be charged for the additional fees on the next monthly billing cycle. When employees or managers are marked as excluded, they will be removed at the end of your monthly billing cycle. If you cancel your subscription you will be responsible for any outstanding charges incurred for that month.

How do I remove a fake or test employees so I don’t get charged for them?

Click on 'Employees' in the top navigation bar, then click on the employee’s name. Uncheck the box that says "Is this employee active?" click Save. In the bottom left corner of the Employees page, click on 'excluded' employees then click on the red X next to the employee name to permanently delete it.

Can I add a Company Admin?

Yes. The Account Owner may add or remove Company Admins via the "Users" tab under "My Account".

The person who created the account becomes the Account Owner by default. A Company Admin will have all of the same rights as the Account Owner except financial. Only the Account Owner may access the credit card information. A Company Admin is not required to be an employee, so there are no charges for Company Admins.

What happens at the end of my trial?

You convert to a paid subscription and continue using the application. If not, there’s no need to cancel anything. Your account becomes inactive and the job descriptions and reviews you created will be inaccessible until you’ve signed up for a paid plan.