Data-driven Employee Performance Management

Four interconnected puzzle pieces. Labeled JuvodHR Score, Job Description, Performance Review, Corrective Action Notice

Review and rank employee job performance quickly and fairly.

One large puzzle piece labeled Job Description sits on top of smaller pieces.

Know your employees know what to do.

Smart business owners know that valid Job Descriptions result in higher revenues and lower turnover. Build your Job Descriptions backed by the knowledge of national experts.

Say the right thing.

Employee Evaluations by JuvodHR give you expertly crafted phrases to share with each employee during their review. On a daily basis Corrective Action Notices get employees back on track.

Connect with your QuickBooks.

Import all your employees in one click. Quickbooks integration brings in all your employees in one quick sync. Align your accounting with your employee performance.

Powerful framework connects employee engagement.

Job descriptions are created and connected to performance reviews automatically. Corrective action notices are linked to the individual employee's job description. Performance Reviews use academically validated Work Styles to compare employee performances across different types of jobs. Ranking employees across the entire business is fully automated.

Research shows companies have higher revenues when employees know what is expected of them1 and are reviewed on those expectations. Bottom line, conservatively figure a benefit of $1,200 a year2 per employee in increased productivity and lower absenteeism.3

JuvodHR employee performance management is a breakthrough because it transforms what is normally an idiosyncratic process into a simple, valid system for any size business in any industry.

Michael P. Colucci
Chief Executive Officer
IdilusHR, LLC

Photo of Michael P. Colucci, Chief Executive Officer, IdilusHR
Photo of Blyth Kazmierczak, AXIOSHR, EVP
Juvod's refreshing take on performance management addresses the hardest part of review conversations - guiding managers on what to say.
— Blyth Kazmierczak, AXIOSHR, EVP
Photo of Doug McGill, owner of McGill Machine Works in front of CNC machine.
It's a no brainer. You get to review your team objectively.
— Doug, McGill Machine Works
Photo of Dr. Walter Strash, Alamo Family Foot & Ankle points pointing at x-ray
Great professional reviews, our employees love feedback.
— Dr. Walter Strash, Alamo Family Foot & Ankle